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Spring wardrobe ideas - Denim

Hello! Spring has officially arrived! And to fire up your sewing plans,  I will be writing three posts with spring wardrobe ideas, matching fashion trends with sewing patterns, all available at the store. For the first post, I want to share three Denim looks, and for all three, I think the lightweight Merchant & Mills denimavailable at the store would be a good fabric choice.
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Vintage Sewing Books

Today I want to share two of my most precious possessions, two sewing books from the 1950’s. The first one is the “Singer Sewing Book” written by Mary Brooks Picken, an American woman, author of more than 90 sewing and crafts books. This is a very special book for me because it was given to me by my late grandmother when I was a teenager and started to sew. This is a reference book and gives you the basic techniques for everyday sewing: how to use your machine, the sewing equipment you need, pattern adjustments etc with easy-to-follow illustrations. It was my first sewing book ever (besides the sewing machine’s manual) and I used it a lot, especially when teaching myself the main hand sewing stitches and how to finish seams without a serger.
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Fabric Inspiration - Winter

Well, it’s cold, there’s snow and what about this wind… brrrr! Let’s cheer up with a selection of fabrics in the beautiful colours of winter. All fabrics are available at the store. See you soon!
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Tissu & Co loves... Colette Patterns!

Colette Patterns is one of the best known independent sewing pattern companies today and I am sure you are already pretty familiar with this brand and their very successful pattern, the “Moneta” dress, released last year. Founded in 2009 by Sarai Mitnick in Portland, USA, Colette Patterns have a distinctive classic design with a retro feel. Patterns are aimed to teach and develop new skills, while making something lovely at the same time. Each pattern comes with a special booklet with detailed instructions, well designed graphics and there are tutorials and sewalongs available on line. And this may interest you: they have recently added French translations for some of their patterns including the newest pattern, the “Dahlia” dress!
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